Year 2

This is an exciting time in the children’s lives-they are used to the routine of school life and know where things are, so they can spend their time consolidating their learning and really expanding their knowledge. It is a time when huge growth can happen, both physically and in their understanding, so they start the year as little children, and really mature into clever thinkers.

At Rangebank, we offer structured learning experiences in core curriculum areas, which allow the children to develop according to their own learning pace and standard. This instils a confidence in learning which has had enormous success and is obvious in their movement through the curriculum standards. We also use the Investigations sessions to develop strong understanding of learning skills. This method caters to all learning styles as it allows the children to use their strengths to build on skills in learning and produce work in a variety of areas.

The key to learning is the experience of success, and we work hard to develop a culture of success in all areas of the curriculum in Grade Two.

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