Rangebank Primary School opened in 1983 on its present site. At that time, the buildings were at ‘the cutting edge’ of building design with a core centre of administration and a courtyard of specialist rooms e.g. An art room, canteen, multi-purpose room, and library.

Today the library has been enhanced to include the Chaplains office and a science room. A music room has been added to the Multi-purpose room to complement the specialist areas now taught.

Classrooms provided were all portable classrooms. Later, a block of eight permanent classrooms were built and later still, four more classrooms replaced two double portables. Together with four classrooms opposite, the space between was roofed. In 2011, a third teaching block was built during the time of ‘Building the Education Revolution’ with an additional four classrooms and open space in the current open planned space design.

The school went through a number of growth changes during its 29 year history. At one stage the school hosted a Social Adjustment Centre or SAC unit. During this time the school required two lunchtimes to cater for its growing student population. This unit has since moved. School numbers have fluctuated from a high of 590 to our present enrollment numbers.