Rangebank Primary School strives to:

1Develop the whole student with a Holistic approach to learning

2Improve student learning outcomes in a safe, engaging and caring environment through the use of feedback, individual learning goals and personalised learning

3Prepare students as global citizens in a collaborative environment with 21st century learning who are flexible and adaptive and who strive to make a positive contribution to their community.

4Recognise and develop and foster our student’s social skills to be independent life-long learners who possess an understanding of sustainability and act upon it.

5Recognise and develop student voice and their actions throughout the school.

Rangebank acknowledges our staff, parents and community through:

1Building teacher capacity through constructive feedback and professional development – promoting high quality teaching, encouraging teachers to view themselves as agents of change

2Developing a values system that extends into the community

3Placing Rangebank at the centre of the local community.