Rangebank Instructional Model

The Rangebank Primary School Instructional Model

At Rangebank Primary School we are continuously striving to grow our teachers’ professional knowledge related to the most current and effective evidence-based approaches that lead to improved student engagement and learning outcomes. 

Over the past few years, the teachers have engaged in a number of activities to get to know our students and how they learn. This has included surveying students about how they like to learn, classroom observations and professional learning. This has resulted in the development of our Instructional Model and we strongly believe this teaching model will best meets the needs of our students today and into the future. 

At the core of the model is the aim that our students engage deeply with their learning and, through careful and structured support, are able to accept responsibility for their own learning outcomes in a way that respects both their skill and emotional readiness. The Instructional Model will be adopted by all teachers at Rangebank Primary School, across all learning areas.


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Please find below a series of short, snapshot videos of what happens in the classroom during each part of our lessons at RPS. These videos show what the teacher is doing, explains why they are doing it and how this benefits our students learning. The videos also include a small example of students involved with their learning activities.

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Rangebank Primary School

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We are a diverse and dynamic school with a strong focus on student wellbeing and a dedicated teaching staff.

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Address: 14-36 Lesdon Avenue, Cranbourne, 3977, Victoria, Australia
Number: (03) 5996 8900
Email: rangebank.ps@education.vic.gov.au

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