Phys Ed & Sport

Phys Ed & Sport

The students at Rangebank Primary School participate in weekly PE sessions to develop their gross motor skills and physical fitness.

The children in Foundation to grade 1 participate in the Perceptual Motor Program. This program is designed to assist the children with developing balance, coordination, spatial awareness and language skills. The junior school students also play a range of fun team games and sports to develop their sense of sportsmanship and leadership skills.

The children from grades 2 to 6 work on developing their athletic skills, including jumping (long, triple and high jump), throwing (discus and shotput) and running (long and short distance). The children in grades 4, 5 and 6 work hard to achieve a place on the Rangebank Athletic Team each year.

Students learn about and participate in major and minor sports, developing throwing, catching, bouncing, striking, kicking and spatial awareness skills. The senior grades then have the opportunity to test these skills at local sporting competitions.

A swimming program is offered to all students in years Foundation to 6, where students are bused to a local swimming pool and lessons are taught by swimming instructors. Students from year 5 and 6 are then encouraged to participate in a beach safety program.

The school makes use of a set of bikes to allow students in years 4 and 5 to participate in Bike Education, educating them about safe bike and road riding practices.

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