Year 5

Year 5

Our Grade 5 programs aim to improve, develop and nurture our student’s learning.

Our daily literacy programs include reading, writing, spelling and speaking and listening. Numeracy groups are formed based on needs based learning. We use an inquiry learning program to help develop thinking skills and team work.

We have many annual incursions and excursions in Grade 5 with an aim of teaching life skills. Our fully funded beach safety program in February and March, in conjunction with a fishing experience is great fun and our student really enjoy themselves and learn a lot. We always enjoy our Casey Youth Group Sessions – a fully funded Graffiti Education Program and The Y-Girl and Adolescent Male Programs which aim to assist young men and women to become better equipped for their world.

Every year as part of our transition program we visit both Lyndhurst and Cranbourne Secondary Colleges and participate in very well organised secondary school classes such as drama, metal work, science, ceramics, P.E. cooking etc.

The definite highlight of Grade 5 is our camp program. For 3 days and 2 nights our students participate in a multitude of fun filled outdoor adventure activities at Camp Allambee. This camp program is a very important part of our curriculum that promotes team work, resilience, persistence and ‘getting out of your comfort zone’. On our return the students receive numerous photos and write an in depth journal about their memorable experiences. A real keepsake!

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