Year 6

Year 6

The year 6 students are successful student leaders of our school and enjoy the extra responsibilities and privileges.

Our four school leaders organise and run a range of whole school and year level programs, including weekly assemblies, tours of the school and representation at local leadership events. We encourage all of our students to demonstrate their leadership skills across the school and community, performing school roles and responsibilities.

In literacy, we encourage students to read a range of texts independently to develop their range of comprehension strategies and to broaden their general knowledge. The students select just right books for small group and partner activities, using technology and peer collaboration to understand and learn the different aspects of text. Numeracy groups are focused on the needs of the student, allowing them to progress from their point of need through the mathematics curriculum.

Students participate in many exciting activities throughout the year including adventure based excursions, community sporting events, visits to local secondary schools and a graduation evening to celebrate the time that they have spent at Rangebank Primary School. The students work closely with their Foundation buddy throughout the year, developing a supportive friendship and building a range of social skills.

The students participate in a transition program during the second half of the year preparing them for the move to year 7.

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