Nelson Mendela Day

Nelson Mendela Day

Celebrating Nelson Mendela Day

IMG_0622 IMG_0626South African, Australian and Aboriginal flags were flown IMG_0632Bikes and blankets for the needy were donated by our special guests IMG_0661Rangebank Primary School students gathered to watch the morning’s formalities IMG_0658Principal, Colin Avery, welcomed everyone

The speeches


Student leaders thanked DOST and the South African High Commission for their gifts of two bicycles, money for the Breakfast Club, and blankets for needy families

IMG_0704Jude Perera, local state MP, spoke about the example of Mandela.. IMG_0670

Dr Arun Sharma, a director of DOST ‘a friend indeed’, who spoke about the name of Madiba, (Father of the Nation) – the affectionate name for Mandela by his people




Ms Yvonne Chaka Chaka spoke of Mandela’s love of us and treating everyone as an equal

IMG_0728 Her Excellency, Ms Koleka Mqulwana spoke about Mandela’s passion for his people and that our children hold the key to making this world a better place.

Planting a tree

IMG_0747 IMG_0749 IMG_0748 IMG_0746 IMG_0750
Then our visitors each took a turn to help plant an African protea tree that will commemorate launch of Nelson Mandela Day in Australia, before placing their hand prints on our Freedom fence

Hand printing our Freedom fence

IMG_0753Principal Colin Avery, painted Mrs Jaya Sharma’s hands and other guests IMG_0755… until each was painted IMG_0758Everyone had painted hands and were ready… IMG_0765… then placed their hand prints on our fence IMG_0762Special guests and children all left a permanent mark on our Freedom Fence.

Morning tea

Letters received

IMG_0640Morning tea followed the formalities of the morning IMG_0633 UN MessageLetter from the United Nations General-Secretary, Ban Ki Moon High CommLetter from the South African High Commission, HE Ms Koleka Mqulwana. PM Letter from the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Tony Abbott.