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Vision Statement

By following the principles of our school motto we provide a happy learning environment. Using our caring approach to learning we are able to teach our students honesty, tolerance, respect, and acceptance of others. These values will enable our students to achieve their goals both at school and in the wider community. The school prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of programs to cater for children’s varying learning needs.

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Our small community based school encourages students to dream about their future and fulfil their goals. There is a strong open relationship between the teaching staff, students, and parents. Underlying this principle is the importance of effective communication. Students are encouraged to set their own goals and know their ideas are valued and respected.

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We believe that each child is an individual who brings unique qualities to the school. A key value is that children accept that we are all different but are treated fairly according to circumstance.

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We strive to offer an environment which promotes student safety and wellbeing with learning as a priority. We provide a range of support mechanisms to engage students in their learning. The community values our students’ strong commitment to their school and peers.

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To achieve a quality education we offer a comprehensive range of programs that promote our students to become life long learners to cope in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse society.